About Us

About us

GigaRefurb is one of the leading online retailers for Refurbished IT Equipment. From our 10,000 sq ft warehouse based in Manchester Lancashire we refurbish computers from all over the world.

GigaRefurb specialises in refurbished computers, refurbished laptops, refurbished tft monitors, refurbished mobile phones, refurbished servers and refurbished IT. We are a micosoft registered refurbisher so we are licensed by Microsoft to refurbish and supply reconditioned computers. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we are also licensed to install and distribute genuine microsoft software such as microsoft windows, microsoft office and other microsoft computer software.

Our team of talend IT Technicians are experts in refurbishing well known brands and we specialise in DELL, HP, Lenovo, IBM, ASUS, Acer Our combination of industry leading low prices and outstanding dedicated customer service provides the customer with a unique oppurtunity to maximise their IT budget by buying refurbished computers. GigaRefurb is dedicated to giving the customer the best computer buying experience

We offer the best most indepth warranty and customer support to rival buying any new computer equipment. We are determined to turn the tide on buying new computers, If you would like to learn more about GigaRefurb contact us via social media, telephone email or jungle drums! We are always open to hear your opinions and would love to chat about computer!

Sustainability and Reducing E-Waste

Every year more than 160 million new laptops are manufactured. And every day in the EU alone around 160 thousand “old” laptops are disposed of. This results in unnecessary wasted resources, climate change, pollution and e-waste.

Up to 70% of those laptops could be reused

This would reduce raw materials and energy consumption as well as cut waste production.

The potential for extending the usable life, particularly for computing products, is becoming recognised increasingly by industry experts and corporate buyers alike.

The percentage of e-waste that end up in landfill is too great - a huge amount of the e-waste is shipped to South America, Africa, China and India despite laws in place to forbid this.

As so much e-waste is produced it’s often shipped to South America, Africa, China and India despite laws in place to forbid this. In these developing countries, local e-waste ‘pickers’ (often children) are exposed to harmful toxins on e-waste sites, causing death in some cases, while the long-term damage to local populations and the environment is still unknown.

Our mission at GigaRefurb is to reduce pollution, waste and refurbish as many devices as possible, to ultimately reduce the e-waste and ecological damage caused by ‘early’ device disposal.

We refurbish I.T equipment such as laptops, computers, servers, monitors, networking equipment and printers.

We refurbish computer equipment from all over the world and supply to the public as well as trade.

Gigarefurb are proud to be an installer of Microsoft Windows operating systems through the MRR (Microsoft Registered Refurbisher) Programme

We are a third party installer which means we are authorised by Microsoft to install and license Microsoft Windows operating systems on refurbished equipment.

Every computer comes with genuine Microsoft software on board and has been refurbished to a high standard that exceeds industry standards.

When you buy a used computer you need to be sure it has been vigorously tested and checked. At Gigarefurb we test all equipment and components and replace parts if needed with genuine parts so you receive a quality refurbished product that we are happy to cover with 12 months RTB (Return To Base) warranty.

Where are We Based?


Barton Hall Industrial Estate


M30 7NB

Company Number: 08583915

Vat Registration Number: 180975770

Gigarefurb: Suppliers of cheap refurbished laptops, refurbished computers, refurbished monitors and refurbished printers.