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Every so often, even the best computers will need repairs and upgrades. Components will age and fail eventually as it is the natural course of things. Fortunately, most systems allow users to enjoy many years of stress-free service before the hardware starts to gives out. If it is out of warranty, then owners have no choice but to purchase the replacements from their own pocket. They have to act quickly. Upgrades are different in that they are voluntary and can be delayed for an indefinite period. Take storage constraints, for example. When it's time to shop, consider buying a refurbished harddrive.

Hard drives can last for many years. Those that come from the most respected manufacturers can have a 3-year warranty but often serve well beyond that. They are reliable pieces of technology that people should not hesitate to use, especially for desktops that remain stationary throughout their life. These are not subjected to the same stresses that laptop drives go through because of constant movement. The refurbished drives are all wiped clean and freshly formatted. You can install whatever it is that you wish whether it be a new operating system or pure data from your files.

Add more drives to your computer to increase storage space. There can never be enough given our appetite for multimedia. Audiophiles with extensive song collections need quite a bit of space especially if they prefer their music in an uncompressed format. Photography enthusiasts will require a large drive for their growing collection of pictures as well. Perhaps the biggest reason for having to purchase a new one is to accommodate our library of movies. Since the advent of HD, file sizes have grown immensely and they are only going to grow bigger with the impending deluge of 2K and 4K content. Get your additional drives at a low cost at Giga Refurb today.



Another important component is system memory. These modules are placed on dedicated slots on the motherboard. They are long, thin, and narrow circuits with integrated chips visible from one or both sides. There is a notch at the bottom near the contacts. This should be aligned with the corresponding protrusion on the slot before pressing down firmly. The sides must then be secured by the clips. It should be locked and balanced. Careful handling is a must because contact points are exposed. Limit touches to the edges of the modules so as not to induce stray currents in the circuit.

If you are planning to upgrade, then you have to check the number of slots available in your motherboard. If there are two and one is still free, then adding more should be a breeze. Just be sure to check the maximum capacity of the system, as well as the kind of memory that it accepts. It will be quite a hassle to buy one only to learn that it isn't compatible. This is one of the most popular upgrades because of the performance boost that you can get by adding more gigabytes to the total. You will notice the computer operating more quickly creating a better user experience.

Sometimes these modules have to be replaced because they have become faulty. There are different symptoms. One is the so-called Blue Screen of Death wherein Windows halts to show the exact error message. Another is the inability of the system to boot up. This can be checked via system teardown wherein the modules are extracted and tested one by one. If the computer boots up with one and not the other, then we know which is at fault. Maybe the modules are not being recognized. Re-seating them in their slot may solve the problem but sometimes one has to get replacements. Refurbished memory is cheap and readily available.


Graphics Cards

In most desktops, the graphics card is already embedded in the motherboard along with the sound card and the network card. Their performance will not break any records but they tend to be enough for the majority of users. They can process HD video and send the images to twin monitors which are just about the most that people expect. However, power users are a different breed with different needs. They require excellent cards that can process the high quality graphics in advanced gaming titles. They demand nothing less for their 3D modelling projects and their video editing work.

Those who have a decent PC with an embedded card don't have to replace their entire computer just because they suddenly have the need for superior graphics. There are multiple slots on the motherboard and one of them can be dedicated to a discrete card. Find a compatible model that can fit this slot. If you have an old system, then it might be best to look into refurbished components as they are likely to suit the specifications. There are plenty of options at Simply browse the site to check all of the various products available. These have all been tested and guaranteed to perform.

You don't have to be a gamer, 3D artist, or a video editor to get a graphics card. It's a technology that can benefit everyone. Install one on your system and you can get additional ports where you can plug in multiple monitors at full HD for an incredible viewing experience. You get expanded screen real estate that translates to improved productivity. Assign each monitor to a specific task so that you can work while monitoring everything that you need to watch out for. You could also make them all work as one. Even simple things like high definition images look better and movies will play more fluidly after installation.


Network Cards

As was previously stated, network cards tend to come embedded in the motherboard as well. These onboard cards work fairly well although people should really expect much from them. They do the minimum required which is to connect computers together in a local area network. There are ports for the cable and indicator lights to show that the card is doing its job. The only real thing that buyers should watch out for is the speed. Some are faster than others and it would be great if you can get the quickest model for your system as file transfers can be finished right away and other networking tasks will be done in no time.

Of course, the onboard networking circuitry can have problems that may prove to be unsolvable. An example would be after a lightning storm when the voltage fluctuations can affect the connected devices. Many owners find that their computers unable to go to the Internet after such events and trace the issue to their NIC. This will then require a replacement in the form of a discrete network card. Just put it inside a vacant slot on the motherboard and install the driver to start using it. There is no need to buy something fancy or brand new. Just get one from a refurbished computer shop to save money.



The processor is the brain of the system. It is where all the computational power resides. Every single component in the system is ultimately controlled by this small piece of silicon. Processors have shrunk over time thanks to advancements in semiconductor technology. They used to be large, slow and expensive. They would grow very hot after a while so they needed a fan to cool them down. If this fan ever stopped working because of dirt or faulty cable, then the temperature will rise to such a high level that the computer will shut down by itself to prevent a meltdown.

Nowadays, the processors are much smaller, faster and more affordable. They are also more complex than before with multiple cores that enable parallel processing. All this means is that you can open several different programs at the same time without noticing a slowdown - up to a certain point. There is always a limit to what these devices can handle. The majority of users will be quite happy with the entry-level offerings by the tech giants. The choice of product will depend on the way that the buyer is planning to use his computer. Each model has its own specialty.

For example, there are low-powered processors that are aimed at the more mobile and environmentally conscious individuals. These require very little power to operate and so they barely make a dent on the household bills. More than that, however, they are small and have a low maximum temperature. They don't need a fan so the form factor of the devices that use them can be trimmed down. Both laptops and desktops have incredibly slim models now that are very easy to carry from one place to another. You won't feel guilty using them all day because power consumption is minimal yet performance is decent.

Of course, the high powered CPUs are still there. Demanding tasks require them such as heavy gaming. The most serious gamers often build their own rigs so that they can customize every single component in them. Picking the monster processor is incredibly important as everything starts from there. This will definitely have to be cooled by a heat sink and a fan. Some use other cooling methods to augment the regular setup. Processor failure seldom happens but when they do, it is usually years after purchase. It can be difficult to find one new but you can try refurbishment specialists like for stocks.


Laptop Components

Laptops and desktops are basically the same underneath. The only difference is the size and form factor. Notebook computers are definitely a lot slimmer compared to the hulking desktops. After all, they are intended for mobile computing. You should be able to pack them in a bag and go anywhere you need to be -- the train, the plane, the cafe, the restaurant, the park, the office, the classroom, the conference room, etc. They have to be light so that they aren't burden to carry which is why most are less than 2kg in weight. The ones in the ultralight category dip under 1kg despite having full functionalities.

Replacing laptop components is much trickier than in desktops. The latter is easier to open and you have a lot more room to work with. You can see everything in one glance. The same cannot be said of the former as all the parts are squished together in a small volume. You might have to go through several layers before you find what you're looking for. The cables are a lot more sensitive. They are also short so you have to be careful when moving them around. If you plan on making replacements yourself, then be sure to remember the order in which the parts have to be put back.

Among the things that you might need to replace eventually are the screen, the keypad, the track pad, the hard drive, the memory, and the processor. There are all parts that you will also see in a desktop but here they are miniaturized to fit the size constraints. The components also tend to be customized for the model so you are forced to get a new one from a manufacturer or hopefully find something from refurbishment specialists. For instance, it would be a breeze to get a new keyboard for a desktop but a keypad for laptops is a much harder task.


Server Components

Servers have many similarities with desktops in terms of what they look like and what their components are. Perhaps the main difference lies with the processors and the software used in these devices, but the hard drives, memory modules, and others are the same. Large stacks of them can be seen in data centres running 24/7. Several studies have shown that data centres are among the biggest contributor to carbon emissions because of their energy consumption. This is why a lot of web service providers such as Google make it a point to use green technologies or implement projects that would offset their carbon footprint.

Giga Refurb offers server components taken from those discarded by other companies after their upgrade. If you plan to build one for personal use or for your own small business, then getting the refurbished parts from a trusted seller is certainly a good option. It will allow you to save a lot of money while getting the same performance as new servers with similar specs. The availability of spare parts also makes it much more enticing. There are plenty of cheap components available if you need to upgrade or make repairs from the same site. The cost of ownership over the lifetime of the device is very low.


Things to Remember

Giga Refurb is a Microsoft-certified refurbishment company. The site offers fully functional desktops, laptops, and servers containing genuine copies of Windows. The latest version is available for free upgrades. Those who only need the components will find that there are numerous refurbished harddrives, video cards, network cards, and more that they can purchase. All these come at a low price but this does not mean low quality. All of these components have been tested by trained technicians to ensure that they work as intended. There is also warranty coverage for the products that is comparable to what you would get from brand new items.

The company is based in Manchester and can deliver for free all around England and Scotland. Next day service is available as long as the order has been received before mid-day. Other territories can expect 2-day shipment at a nominal cost. Check the page for details. Those who are living in the European continent can also place their order. Send an email to coordinate the transaction. There should be no worries as customer satisfaction is the top priority. Returns are possible if you are not satisfied with the product or if it doesn't work as it should. It will promptly be replaced by a similar item.

Shopping for refurbished items is one of the best secrets of budget-conscious buyers. They are able to get great products from known brands with a long warranty without having to spend lots of cash. Don't worry if you don't have a large fund. You can still complete your planned upgrade with Giga Refurb.

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