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  • Meta is child abuse 'breeding ground', lawsuit claims

    "We use sophisticated technology, hire child safety experts, report content to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and share information and tools with other companies and law enforcement, including state attorneys general, to help root out predators." Go to Source
  • AMD's Latest Radeon GPU Driver Gives Adrenalin Software A Refreshed UI And New Features

    Although there's not a huge difference between each version of HYPR-RX, being able to enable it on a game-by-game basis is nice. After all, you might not want all your games to use HYPR-RX, which uses Radeon Boost to dynamically change the resolution up and down based on movement. AMD...
  • Redesigned GeForce RTX 4090 Is Reportedly Still Outbound To China After US Warning

    While the GeForce RTX 4090 is unmistakably a gaming GPU, it serves a purpose as a data center AI powerhouse as well. Add to that the difficulty in acquiring data center products from NVIDIA, and it becomes a strong alternative choice for the rampant market growth.  This situation puts NVIDIA...
  • How a Node4 virtual datacentre proved better than MS cloud for mental health charity

    Mental health charity Together For Mental Wellbeing has migrated its old server room to a virtual datacentre (VDC) hosted by Node4. Funded by the NHS and local authorities, the charity’s services include community support, supported housing and 24-hour residential accommodation, advocacy, and assistance for those experiencing mental distress in criminal...
  • Apple iOS 17.2 Is Packed With Features Like Qi2 Wireless Charging For iPhone 13 And 14

    Apple's incoming iOS 17.2 stable release is jam-packed with new features, as well as unlocking Qi2 wireless capabilities for iPhones 13 and 14. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a while to actually use the new protocol since you can't buy Qi2 chargers just yet. This week, Apple shared the release...
  • Google claims new Gemini AI 'thinks more carefully'

    Tech giant says Gemini will supercharge existing products, and take on market leader GPT-4. Go to Source
  • Microsoft Infuses Copilot For Windows 11 With DALL-E 3 And GPT-4 Turbo

    Microsoft continues to go all in with AI, announcing that Copilot will be receiving the addition of a new DALL-E 3 model and GPT-4 Turbo along with several other features. Windows 11 users can expect to see these improvements in 2024. Moreover, Microsoft will also be making Copilot available to...
  • Bitcoin rally: Is El Salvador's Bitcoin bet paying off?

    "The government spent a lot of money on the development of the Chivo Wallet application, on the installation of ATMs, which mostly do not work, on a $30 bonus for all citizens over 18 years of age, on propaganda and international events," Oscar Picardo, director of the Institute of Sciences...
  • GTA 6: Streams soar for 70s rocker Tom Petty thanks to trailer

    Tom Petty's B-side track Love Is A Long Road has seen a near 37,000% increase in streams on Spotify. Go to Source
  • Valve Counter Strike 2 Ban Wave Obliterates Seemingly Innocent Accounts

    Counter-Strike 2 has been out for a little while now, providing an updated and perhaps a more fun experience than the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, in the time since the game’s launch, some nefarious players have found way to cheats, which diminishes that experience in general. As such, Valve...

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