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  • Windows 10 Rumored To Receive A Refreshing 'Sun Valley' UI Overhaul In Late 2021

    Earlier this month, Microsoft officially updated Windows 10 with a refreshed design for the Start Menu in the October Update. It seems that this is not the only refreshed design Microsoft has in store, however. There are now rumors that Microsoft is planning a Windows 10 UI refresh during the latter half...
  • NHS Covid-19 app to issue more self-isolate alerts

    "The update to the risk threshold is expected to increase the number of people asked to self-isolate by the app, having been in close contact with someone who tested positive," Gaby Appleton blogged. Go to Source
  • NetApp boosts NVMe, QLC and container hybrid cloud offer

    At its Insight event this week, NetApp launched four flash and non-volatile memory express-based (NVMe-based) hardware storage products, as well as container-centric enhancements to its hybrid cloud storage offerings. The hardware products target mission-critical workloads with all-NVMe, high-volume unstructured workloads via NVMe QLC flash; upgrades to its Ontap storage operating...
  • Qualcomm Announces New WiFi 6 And WiFi 6E Chipsets To Power Next-Gen Mesh Routers

    Qualcomm will be expanding wireless connectivity around the home with its new Immersive Home Platforms for building mesh networks. Qualcomm reports that these platforms are “Designed to deploy gigabit-speed wireless performance to every room in the home in form factors as small as the palm of the hand.” This is...
  • Woolworths High-Street 'relaunch' proves a hoax

    Related Topics Go to Source
  • Mobile networks banned from selling locked phones

    High charges for rural broadband investigated by Ofcom Go to Source
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Zen 3 CPU Pummels Core i9-10900K In Fresh Benchmark Leak

    Are we enjoying the Chip Wars of 2020 yet? Things are just getting started, folks. AMD is talking a big game about Zen 3 and its Ryzen 5000 series, which will debut to retail next week. More than just lip service, multiple leaks suggest AMD has a real winner on...
  • How To Make Serious Bank On Turnips For 1,000 Bells Each In Animal Crossing

    Playing the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is never a sure thing. Some weeks, you buy as high as 120 bells a piece from Daisy, only to sell them to the Nook Boys on Saturday afternoon for a measly 60 bells a pop. Other weeks, players can make serious...
  • Garmin Early Amazon Black Friday Sale Blows Out Smartwatch Deals Up To 50% Off

    The annual deals season is almost upon us, the one known as Black Friday, which these days is more than just a single day (or even a weekend, followed by Cyber Monday) of bargains. Retailers have extended out the savings period each year, to where major markdowns can be seen...
  • Mario Kart Live: Mixed-reality karts race around the home

    While rivals Microsoft and Sony race to be crowned champion in the next-generation console war, Nintendo has turned its attention to augmented reality with a new Mario Kart game. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit lets players race around their own homes using remote-controlled cars, streaming live camera footage to the...

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