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  • AMD Ramps Radeon RX 6000 Supply Amid Historic Demand, RX 6000M Set For Q2 2021 Debut

    During an earnings call with investors, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su said the company is planning to "ramp production" of its Radeon RX 6000 series, and expects "GPU sales to grow significantly" over the next several months as a result. AMD also intends to finally port its second generation Radeon...
  • Apple Watch Series 6 Hits Lowest Price Ever At $249 With This Red Hot Deal

    The Apple Watch Series 6 launched during the fall of 2020 alongside the iPhone 12 family. It brought the latest advancements in the Apple Watch progression and started at $399 for the 40nm Wi-Fi model with an aluminum casing. In recent days, that price dropped to just $299 at various...
  • Confusion over use of NHS App as Covid passport

    While the app can record your vaccinations, that isn't automatic - I've searched in vain to find the record of my Covid jab, only to get a message saying I need to ask my GP for access to my detailed health record. If the NHS app does become a vaccine...
  • Apple profits double as it squares up to Facebook

    Apple's figures across multiple sectors, across the world, are exceptional. In places like China, which has mostly been lockdown-free in recent months, sales were up dramatically. Facebook's figures too, show that advertisers are feeling bullish about online spending. Go to Source
  • FluBot SMS Malware Could Spread From Europe To The US Like A Digital Plague

    If you catch the flu, you may be stuck at home or even bedridden for a few days until you get better. If you catch the FluBot malware, you could be at risk of losing sensitive information, such as banking details and personal information. While this malware campaign has not...
  • Backup failure: Four key areas where backups go wrong

    Despite the prevalence of many forms of data protection – that range from local RAID via snapshots and replication to keeping copies in the cloud – the facts of life are that backup is still fundamental to IT. That’s because no matter what other methods you use – snapshots, replication...
  • Evercade VS Console Launches For Retro Gaming Between Up To Four Friends

    If you want to step back in time and play some retro games for nostalgia, it can be more difficult than it needs to be. Moreover, you do not get the fun of playing with friends on the same screen as everything is now done over the web. Evercade has...
  • Flubot: Warning over major Android 'package delivery' scam

    ⚠️SCAM TEXT ALERT ⚠️ If you receive a text message that looks like the one below: IGNORE: Do not click any links. REPORT: Report it by forwarding to 7726. DELETE: Remove the text from your phone. — Vodafone UK (@VodafoneUK) April 22, 2021 Go to Source
  • Apple AirDrop Reportedly Has A Data Leakage Vulnerability Affecting All Users

    Apple's AirDrop can be an incredibly useful utility or just something to send memes to friends sitting nearby. Either way, it is possible that you could be sending more than you bargained for, as researchers have found that an attacker could glean the phone number and email of AirDrop users...
  • Intel quarterly results reveal tactics to address ARM in the datacentre

    Intel has reported revenue of $18.6bn for the first quarter of 2021, which it said was led by strength in its PC business, as well as the first signs of recovery in the enterprise and government portion of its datacentre business. These signs of recovery have meant the company’s datacentre...

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