Monthly Archives: June 2021

  • Flying car completes test flight between airports

    The vehicle runs on regular fuel and can travel up to 1,000km while airborne, its creator says. Go to Source
  • Microsoft Pulls Windows 11 PC Health Check App After Negative User Feedback

    Confusion is still swirling around Windows 11 and what PC systems will be fully supported at launch. Microsoft first attempted to address this with the PC Health Check app, but the first iteration was clueless in its attempt to tell users why their systems were incompatible with Windows 11. Microsoft...
  • Elon Musk sets out Starlink goals

    The Tesla founder's satellite-internet business passes 69,000 users but subsidises dish cost. Go to Source
  • 700 Million User Records Scraped From LinkedIn Are For Sale Online And It's Not Pretty

    If you have been on the internet for any length of time, there is a pretty good chance that at least some of your personal information is out there in a database. However, if you happen to use LinkedIn, these odds have now gone significantly up. Some malicious people have...
  • Doom Eternal Update Adds NVIDIA DLSS And Ray Tracing To Unleash Hounds Of Hell

    When we reviewed Doom Eternal last year, we lauded its amazing graphics and thrilling gameplay, noting it is a graphical tour de force underpinned on the id Tech 7 engine. Our initial impression still stands up, and might even undersell the experience. How so? A new update adds NVIDIA's Deep...
  • Google Touts New Authentication Measures To Boost Security For Android Devs

    Ensuring accounts are secure is an important part of being online, as there are always people out to try and get you. This is especially true for app developers who may be targeted for the data they do or could possess. Thus, Google is introducing new security measures for developers...
  • RIP Pepper robot? SoftBank 'pauses' production

    Production of the robot is suspended and will only be restarted if there is a need for it. Go to Source
  • US judge throws out Facebook anti-trust lawsuits

    "Ultimately, this anti-trust action is premised on public, high-profile conduct, nearly all of which occurred over six years ago - before the launch of the Apple Watch or Alexa or Periscope, when Kevin Durant still played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and when Ebola was the virus dominating headlines," wrote...
  • Microsoft Is Rethinking Windows 11 Compatibility For These Popular AMD And Intel CPUs

    The official announcement of Windows 11 last month brought both excitement and confusion for enthusiasts. A brand-new Windows operating system only comes around every few years, but Microsoft’s hardware requirements left many scratching their heads. Chief among them is the instance on mandatory TPM 2.0 modules and AMD Ryzen 2000...
  • Apple Watch Series 7 Tipped For Long-Requested Battery Life Boost

    As we inch closer to an expected September launch for the Apple Watch Series 7, additional leaks have given us insight into what Apple is cooking up. Credible leakers claim that the Series 7 will finally adopt a brand new design language, ditching the rounded design in favor of flat...

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