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  • TikTok moderator sues over 'psychological trauma'

    Candie Frazier says her mental health suffered after watching "extreme and graphic" video content. Go to Source
  • Security Firm Warns Of RedLine Malware Plucking Passwords Saved In Your Browser

    Do you let your browser store logins for websites like Twitter, Facebook, or HotHardware? Well, you probably shouldn't. Not only does it let anyone who gets on your PC access your personal information, but it also opens you up to easy attacks from "info-stealer" malware. South Korean cyber-security firm Ahnlab...
  • CES 2022: More firms cancel in-person appearances

    The major consumer technology trade show continues to suffer fallout from the spread of Omicron. Go to Source
  • LG Display's Next-Gen OLED EX Tech Fixes The Biggest Flaw Of OLED TVs

    Call it a shortcoming or a flaw or whatever you want, but one of the biggest downsides of OLED TVs compared to mini LED panels is they simply don't shine as bright. That's the tradeoff for the superior picture quality that OLED tech typically delivers, with perfect black levels, vibrant...
  • Elon Musk criticised after China space complaint to UN

    The SpaceX boss was attacked on Chinese social media after the complaint was made public. Go to Source
  • A Windows 11 Glitch Is Wrecking HDR Color Rendering In Some Apps

    Microsoft's list of known issues in Windows 11 is shockingly short, but among the myriad problems enumerated for the latest version of Windows is a new entry called "Applications using Win32 APIs to render colors might not work as expected." It sounds monumentally disruptive—after all, virtually all of the applications...
  • Netlicks? 'The TV screen you can taste’

    Journalists were shown a demonstration of the device by a student. She told the machine she wanted "sweet chocolate", and after a few attempts the order was sprayed on to the plastic film for her to taste. "It's kind of like milk chocolate," she is reported to have said. Go...
  • Here's How HDMI 2.1a Could Make Movies And Games Look Better On Your PC

    CES 2022 is still nearly two weeks away, but plenty of companies and organizations are already teasing their upcoming announcements. The list of such groups includes the HDMI Licensing Administrator (LA). Apparently, is set to launch HDMI 2.1a soon, and one of the new features for the format will...
  • US safety body to probe Tesla on in-car gameplay

    It follows a complaint from an owner who discovered he could play games while driving. Go to Source
  • Intel Alder Lake Core i5-12400F Breaks Cover In Leaked Benchmark With Just 6 P-Cores

    Intel's 12th Generation CPUs, code-named "Alder Lake," represent a major break from the traditional PC processor paradigm by including CPU cores from two different microarchitectures on the same chip. While those of us who are willing to strap 14-cm tower coolers to our CPUs have had the ability to build...

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