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  • British entrepreneur sells company to Twitter

    Nick D'Aloisio previously sold an app to Yahoo when he was only 17 years old. Go to Source
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Gets Its First Price Hike Amid Supply Shortage But It's Not All Bad News

    2021 hasn't been kind to those in any industry that relies of computer chips of any kind to operate, and that stands true for the team at Raspberry Pi. No one has escaped the laundry list of issues that plague the semiconductor shortage, and it is with a solemn post...
  • NetApp Insight frames moves to public cloud and cloud native

    NetApp’s annual Insight event – which was virtual for the second year running – saw little in the way of actual product launches, but was used as opportunity to frame the directions the erstwhile storage company is taking. Namely, its evolution towards the cloud, with its partnerships with the big...
  • Neighbour wins privacy row over smart doorbell and cameras

    "We've put features in place across all our devices to ensure privacy, security and user control remain front and centre - including customisable privacy zones to block out 'off-limit' areas, motion zones to control the areas customers want their Ring device to detect motion, and Audio Toggle to turn audio...
  • Stuck In Nintendo Switch OLED Preorder Purgatory? Walmart Rep Says Now Shipping (Updated)

    Update, 10/13/21: After the quoted pre-order delivery date came and went without actual delivery of the Switch OLED, my order status changed from "Placed" to "Delayed," where it remains at the time of this article update. However, I have some potentially good (nay, great) news to share. I spoke on...
  • Apple expected to unveil MacBook Pro revamp at 18 October event

    Apple has sent out invites to a virtual event on 18 October where it's expected to unveil its first major revamp of the MacBook Pro in five years. The event, which features the tagline "Unleashed", will be streamed on Apple's website on Monday. The company has held virtual launch events since...
  • Hybrid cloud: Five key questions in 2021

    Hybrid cloud promises the best of both worlds. It offers the flexibility, scalability and economy of public cloud infrastructure, with the performance, control and security of on-premise IT systems. In practice it is often a compromise, driven by the need to support different business processes, use cases, regulatory requirements, IT...
  • Firefox Is Brazenly Sending Your Search Bar Keystrokes Back To Mozilla But You Can Stop It

    Mozilla’s Firefox is generally considered a safe, privacy-centric browser. However, a change to the default configuration of a relatively new feature may change some users' minds. Firefox is now sending keystrokes, location info, and more back to Mozilla. Thankfully, there is a way to disable some of this, which we will...
  • Apple's M1-Powered Macs Will Soon Finally Run Linux Natively But There's A Catch

    By all accounts—even our own—the Apple M1 SoC powering the company's newest machines is a beast, but it comes with a drawback in that you can only run MacOS on it. A lot of folks love MacOS for various reasons, to be sure. It's also undeniable that the proprietary OS limits your...
  • Facebook to act on illegal sale of Amazon rainforest

    The social network changes its policy following a BBC investigation. Go to Source

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