Colorware's Nintendo Switch Classic Joy-Cons Channel Original Retro NES Design

I am not one for using hashtags (being an old curmudgeon and all), but I was going to tweet about Colorware's new Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch, I would have to include "#respect" in my post. The company's customized controllers are throwbacks to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released a million years ago, and from the few available pictures online, they look fantastic.

"In 1985 Nintendo revolutionized the home entertainment industry by releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES took a niche hobby and brought it into everyone’s living room. ColorWare is bringing back these memories with the release of our limited Joy Con Classic controllers. Available for a limited time only with the first 25 having a number of authenticity. Don’t miss your chance to own these unique custom made Joy Cons," Colorware says.

These fancy controllers are custom painted in black and gray to resemble the original NES controllers that many gamers grew up playing with. Like Nintendo's regular Joy-Con controllers, each one can be used separately or attached to the main console. Also like the standard controllers, these custom designed ones feel and function the same with the same accelerometers, gyro sensors, and button layout.

it all sounds great until you get a whiff of the price tag. Colorware is known for putting out high-priced peripherals, and this one is not exception—it will cost you $199 and ship in about four weeks. That is $120 more than a regular set of Joy-Con controllers, which run $80.

As an added bonus, the first 25 units come individually numbered. I am not sure that helps justify the price tag, but if you are a collector and are quick on the ball, there you go.

These controllers represent the latest evidence that retro is hip in the console market. Nintendo proved as much when it came out with its NES Classic Edition console, which it could not produce fast enough to meet demand. And later this year, Nintendo plans to launch a Super NES Classic system that will come bundled with 21 old-school games.

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