Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox ‘Scarlett’ Rumored To Use AMD Zen 2 And Navi For 4K Gaming Domination

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox ‘Scarlett’ Rumored To Use AMD Zen 2 And Navi For 4K Gaming Domination

We're beginning to hear a little bit more about Microsoft's next-generation Xbox gaming hardware. Although we don't have an official name for the con

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We’re beginning to hear a little bit more about Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox gaming hardware. Although we don’t have an official name for the console, the device is currently being developed under the codename Scarlett according to various reports.

xbox one x exploded

So, what will Scarlett bring to the tablet? Well, according to Microsoft Insider Brad Sams, it will be based on AMD’s upcoming 7-nanometer Zen 2 microarchitecture, which should be no surprise. Zen 2 forms the basis of Rome-based EPYC server processors, and will also underpin AMD’s third-generation Ryzen 3000 Series mainstream processors.

Zen 2 should provide quite the boost in performance compared to the current Xbox One X, which is using a custom version of AMD’s Jaguar microarchitecture paired with a GPU that is roughly equivalent to a Radeon RX 580 in terms of performance. The Xbox One X CPU/GPU is based on 16nm process tech, so the move to 7nm should do wonders from a performance/watt vantage point.

The baseline target for games destined for Scarlett will be 4K resolution (3840×2160) at 60 frames per second, which will made possible thanks to an AMD-based Navi GPU (also built on 7nm process tech). While the Xbox One X is currently capable of playing games at 4K, it’s not consistent across the board.

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If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because rumors have pegged similar specs for Sony’s PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 is also expected to use a Zen 2-based CPU along with Navi graphics. 

Both consoles are on track for launch in 2020 — roughly 7 years after the original launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — which will spark another arms race in the gaming console market. Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been the runaway sales champion for this console generation, and Microsoft is looking to turn the tables with Scarlett.

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