OtterBox Debuts Innovative OtterSpot Qi Wireless Charging Battery Puck System

otterbox otterspot 2

We've seen wireless charging pads that plug directly into the wall to top off your device, and we've seen portable batteries that have Qi wireless charging pads built-in to them. Now OtterBox is looking to put a new spin on the idea with what it calls the OtterSpot. 

The standard OtterSpot system includes a round charging base that looks like any number of "puck" Qi wireless chargers that you might see out in the wild. It plugs directly into a wall outlet and will charge your wireless device as you might expect. However, it also comes with a wireless charging battery puck, which recharges while sitting on the base.

Once fully topped off, you can take that portable battery puck and place it anywhere in your house or office to recharged your Qi-compatible device. Each wireless charging puck also has a USB-C port on it so that you can charge any of your other devices that might not be Qi-enabled.

otterbox otterspot

The OtterSpot charging base is rated at 36W and can support up to (and wirelessly charge) three battery pucks at a time. Each puck has a 5,000 mAh battery integrated and can charge at 10W. Given how widespread Qi wireless charging is these days, just about any flagship phone is supported by the new OtterSpot system including all recent iPhones (like the iPhone XS) and Google's Pixel family of smartphone and Samsung's brand-new Galaxy Note 10 family.

The OtterBox OtterSpot is available to purchase right now and is priced at $129.95, which includes the charging base and one battery puck. Additional battery pucks can be purchased at $69.95 each.

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