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Refurbished Monitors:

Giga Refurb refurbished monitors are powerful devices. If you are worried that refurbished computer monitors may fail or stop working prematurely, you need not worry because the functionality of every monitor is guaranteed.


If you need a refurbished monitor for cheap, look no further, at Giga Refurb we offer a range of quality refurbished monitors.


Refurbished Monitors Can Be Gems in Disguise


A Step Back In Time

The monitor has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The monitor started as a rudimentary light panel. It simply let the computer operator know that certain areas of the CPU were on or off; it did not provide any more information than that, but that changed through time because it later morphed into something closer to a television screen. The monitor is usually connected with cables, like a VGA/HDMI cable, proprietary connectors, or signalling cables.


Monitors have evolved so much that many are now touchscreen. These steps forward have made monitors more functional, as well as user-friendly. This brings us to what most people use, which are LCD monitors. Understandably, this has also made it more expensive to repair screens should anything go wrong with them. Unfortunately, a lot could go wrong with the monitor's inner workings.


General Monitor Maintenance to Consider


You should know what type of damage a monitor may be at risk of because it can help prolong the life of your present monitor. This can also help protect Giga Refurb refurbished monitors if you purchase one of these.


The following are just a few things that can damage your monitor (besides water of course):


  • One thing you should do is clean your monitor from time to time, just as you would your CPU. Dust will not do much to your monitor if it stays on the exterior of the device. But accumulated dust can get inside your monitor with a gust of wind.


The dust can interfere with the circuits, which could diminish the life of your monitor. Make sure you use a certified LCD cleaner, which you can purchase from your local office supply store or online.


  • Your LCD screen usually has a recommended resolution number. That number varies from screen to screen, but the recommended resolution is normally 1600 by 800. One problem that may diminish your monitor's life before time is using a resolution that is higher than what is recommended. Sure, higher resolutions offer you a little more detail and will enhance colours, but it is not worth it in the long run. Do your best keep your monitor's resolution at the recommended number.


  • One of the worst enemies of the monitor is the power surge. This could fry the circuits and kill the screen. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you do not surge your monitor. You can use an anti-surge power plug / extension, which you can purchase from your office supply store or online. Or you can simply make sure your electrical system is up to date by contacting your electrician.


Of course, you know that things can go wrong no matter how much you maintain your monitor, so you should know the signs of a failing monitor. This will give you enough time to look for a refurbished monitor before your old monitor stops working.


The following are just a few signs to look out for:


  •  The sudden appearance of spots on the screen, which could be black or other colours.


  •  Faint to severe lines running through the screen, which could be horizontal or vertical.


  •   It should take no longer than 5 to 10 seconds for your screen to light up after your computer was in 'sleep mode.' If it takes longer, you may have a problem.


  • The light starts to dim without reason and changing the display settings does not help.


  • Your monitor needs to be shut down to come out of 'sleep mode'. This happens more and more frequently.


  •  You notice that your monitor does not come out of the 'sleep mode' even after you move your mouse around.


  •  You notice that your keystrokes or mouse movements take a second to be registered or shown by your monitor, which could signify a bad monitor.


If any of these apply to you, then consider looking for a new screen in our range of refurbished monitors available at Giga Refurb. You want to do this pre-emptively because you do not want your monitor to go black without being prepared with a replacement. This is especially important for people who work from home or students who need the internet to finish up homework.


What Makes Giga Refurb Refurbished Monitors the Best Choice?


Refurbished monitors, according to some experts, are the best choice for a computer owner. Some argue that you should ditch the new monitors and opt for a monitor that was refurbished by a professional.


Most experts know that new monitors pass through several inspection checks, but they are not 100 per cent vigorous. This occurs because the new monitors are inspected in an assembly line. So, inspectors may not be able to inspect the monitors to the best of their ability to guarantee quality.


This means that the monitor could indeed have a defect that was simply not caught before it came to you. So even if you do your best to maintain the monitor, problems may reveal themselves overtime.


Refurbished models, on the other hand, are monitors that did have a defect. This defect has already shown up and has been taken care of by a trained professional. The issue has been eradicated and shouldn’t appear again.


In essence, you are purchasing a monitor that has been thoroughly inspected as opposed to a new monitor. You should also remember that a refurbished monitor might need to be updated. This means that you will be getting a new--possibly updated--monitor at a deeply discounted price. You can expect a discount of about 40%, though this does depend on where you buy your refurbished monitor.


A Closer Look At Giga Refurb Refurbished Screens


One of the reasons that Giga Refurb refurbished monitors are so inexpensive is because many people have a bad connotation with refurbished items. It is precisely this misconception that gives you an opportunity to get this monitor at a great price.


Another thing that you may not know about refurbished LCD screens is that they are not always returned due to an issue. You may get an LCD screen that has never been used or only used for a few days.


Unused LCD screens might have been ordered online or in a catalogue but for some reason were never sent out. This could happen for any number of reasons, such as a customer cancelling their order.


It is also possible that the customer was not able to pay for the LCD screen, which means that the manufacturer cannot sell the item as new anymore. Meaning that you could be getting a new monitor at a discounted price.


Another reason why a screen might be branded as refurbished is the screen was simply returned to the manufacturer by the customer. This type of return is usually caused by buyer's remorse, which usually means that the screen might not have been used at all.


It is also possible that a monitor might have been chipped or cracked during delivery to a customer or retailer. These must go through a specialist in order to be branded 'refurbished' and resold with a standard of guarantees and quality assurance.


A Second Line of Protection


A monitor that has been refurbished comes with a second line of protection, which is a warranty. The warranty is usually quite extensive because the manufacturer believes in their specialist's work. The warranty simply represents how long the specialist guarantees his or her work before normal wear and tear can take its toll on your new monitor.


Purchasing a Refurbished Monitor Also Helps the Environment


You may not think about this too much but every monitor that is made uses a lot of resources. Energy and materials such as glass, plastic, and metals are used whenever one monitor is made. Buying into refurbished items means that you are saving the environment by reusing a monitor. So, if for no other reason, choosing these types of monitors can show how much you care for the earth.


Use the Giga Refurb Discounts To Your Advantage


You already know how much you can save by purchasing refurbished monitors at Giga Refurb. This is something that you should use to your advantage; this will give you an opportunity to upgrade to better monitor that perhaps you could normally afford.


There is a chance that you already noticed that your monitor has a few problems. You might have noticed that your monitor has an issue transitioning from one colour to a different colour. Or you may have noticed that the monitor's contrast fades from time to time. This is especially apparent with images that change quickly or when using programmes that accentuate details, like photo or video editing. But do not worry; you do have a chance to fix this, and much more, by simply upgrading your LCD monitor.


There are several updates that you can consider as you browse through, like upgrading to a screen that handles 120Hz. These types of screens can handle the kind of resolution that some PC games and HD films demand. 120Hz screens can even be used with other types of systems, like PS4's or similar systems and will still look great.


Some new PC games and high demanding web pages, require a monitor that can respond quickly and accurately. All that data can be easily handled with a better monitor, should you use your computer for entertainment or similar activities. Some types of monitors can also make it possible for you to experience 3D as well in case you are interested in that type of entertainment.


You can also start to consider monitors with additions, that are not present on all monitors. Consider purchasing a monitor that has a few more USB ports if you use many ports at a time. USB ports or HDMI ports are used to connect other systems to the computer, like the PS4. Or you can also get monitors with micro-SD card readers too.


You may even want to make sure that your new LCD screen contains a built-in, high resolution web cam. This should make it easier for you to record videos or hold video calls.


New web cams, with high-resolution, can also add a little more security to your computer by giving you the opportunity to turn on face recognition. This technology ensures that only your facial features can gain access to your computer. Add this feature to your password access process, or you can replace your password access altogether.


Some LCD screens now have Bluetooth capabilities too, which can be used to connect other similar devices, such as speakers, mouses, or headphones and many more.


These types of additions will only add to what your computer can already do. There are some screens that have high quality speakers directly built into the LCD screen.


You can also consider switching to LCD screens with an IPS (in-plane switching) system. This type of system is one of the newest advancements in LCD screens. They let you always see images from different angles, which helps improve resolution and allows you to see colours in rich detail. You know that 8-bit colour is quite powerful; well, that is the minimum quality that you can expect from a LCD screen, though it is usually much higher.


Be sure to also consider a refurbished monitor that has RGB LED back lights. This type of lighting system helps expand the colour gamut that you can see as well. Only high-end LCD screens contain this kind of technology, which makes them quite rare and expensive. Screens of this type can be used by professional photographers; so, the colour and quality you can expect with RGB LED back lights is exceptional.


Most of these high-end LCD monitors usually cost thousands of pounds and are usually the kind of monitors that professionals seek after. You can now receive the benefits that a professional would normally get with refurbished monitor model. The best thing is they will be distinctively cheaper, especially when you visit You already know that these monitors are thoroughly checked, or are like new, so you can splurge a little extra, without having to worry about the cost.


You can also take this as an opportunity to get wider or larger screens. Wider screens should help your films look a little more cinematic whenever you watch a movie, show, or clip while you are surfing the web. Larger screens should help you see the entire screen a little better, and you will not have to scroll down or to the side often.


There is a chance that your old LCD screen is not a touch screen. This is also an opportunity to upgrade to a touch screen monitor. You will not have to rely solely on your mouse any longer. Plus, there are several types of websites and social media pages that are becoming more touch-screen friendly. By upgrading to a touchscreen should help you become more in sync to the kind of changes that are already taken place on the web.


Hopefully you can see that purchasing LCD monitors that are refurbished is more than a good idea. They are usually cheaper, environmentally friendlier and usually better than new. These are just a few good things that you can say about refurbished monitors. Plus, as mentioned above, you can also purchase screens that might normally be out of your reach.


Do not be afraid to ask questions and be sure to do your research. This will help you find a monitor that will perfectly suit your needs. Just know that you have many options available to you at



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