What is GigaRefurb?

GigaRefurb is a team of expert passionate Computer and Laptop Refurbishers. From our 10,000 sq ft warehouse based in Manchester, we have refurbished over 1.9m devices from all over the world.

As well as Refurbished Laptops & Computers; GigaRefurb also specialises in refurbished: Monitors, Mobile Phones, Servers and Gaming PCs. All devices are 52 points tested upholding our stringent quality and grading standards. We're so confident in our standards, we provide a 12 month RTB warranty on all refurbished devices.

Our IT Technicians are experts in refurbishing brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, ASUS, Acer and many more. Passionate customer service and industry leading low prices; keeps or happy customers, happy.

We dedicate ourselves to giving all customers the best refurbished device buying experience.

If you’d like to learn more about GigaRefurb, contact us over the phone, we will be happy to help.


Welcome to Giga Refurb, where you can browse and choose from a wide range of high-quality new, refurbished laptops and computers. We have an extensive range of devices in our collection from many of the top manufacturers, all of which have been graded, so you are sure to find one to match your requirements.


A refurbished laptop, refurbished computer or refurbished device is anything electronic that has been previously used, wiped, and tested extensively tofunctional use again, rather than throwing it away and adding to the global e-waste problem.

At Gigarefurb, we collect laptops, computers, phones and components from offices all over the UK. We refurbish and test each one to make sure that they are completely functional and in good working order. Our rigorous testing means that you can enjoy peace of mind whenever buying refurbished laptops and computers with the knowledge that you are receiving a quality tested product in full working order.

Refurbished does not mean that the computers are broken or that anything is wrong with them. Businesses we collect from need to upgrade from time to time; we collectall their old computers that are still perfectly usable. We refurbish, update and upgrade the parts in these computers, so that you can take advantage of a powerful computer in great condition for less.


People decide to buy refurbished laptops and devices for several reasons:

By buying cheap refurbished laptops in the UK, customers get more power for their money than they would buying a new device because the specifications are much higher whilst spending less.

By buying cheap refurbished laptops in the UK, customers get more power for their money than they would buying a new device because the specifications are much higher whilst spending less.

Essentially, buying refurbished means you can get a cheaper more power device in great working condition, all whilst reducing your ecological footprint.

Why Gigarefurb?

When you buy a refurbished laptop or refurbished computer from us, you can rest assured that it has been tested thoroughly and in good working condition.

As we are involved in the whole process from: collecting the computers, refurbishing them in-house and quality testing ready for resale

We also offer a wide range of other cheap refurbished devices, such as: iPhones, Servers, Tablets and Monitors for sale. We always price our products competitively so you can find a real bargain and get a lot more for your money buying from Giga Refurb.


When buying your refurbished laptop or refurbished computer from us, first you should decide upon what you need:

This includes the power, memory and operating system requirements.

When you have a good idea of what you are looking for, browse through our collections to compare the laptops and computers we have available.

Unsure what it is you need? Then drop us a call, our eCommerce team are always more than happy to help you get the right device for your needs.

You can then buy your refurbished laptop or device online, simply and securely.


Start your search for your perfect refurbished computer, refurbished laptop or refurbished device today.

Simply browse through our categories until you find something you like the look of, then buy it securely online.

We pride ourselves on giving excellent impartial advice, so please contact us with any questions you have.


Do you wish to purchase new computers for your small or medium business but are unavailable to do so because of your budgetary restraints?

Latest software doesn’t run on your existing PCs because they require higher processing power?

Are you interested in purchasing the latest generation computers for a fraction of their list price?

We at Gigarefurb can help you achieve these goals without burning a hole in your wallet.
Since we stock such a wide range of refurbished laptops, computers and devices, in all manner of configurations, you can rest assured that you will find the equipment that meets your requirements: be it a server for your system administrator or desktops/ laptops for your staff.

Please don’t delay!
We ship each computer with a comprehensive warrantee. In the unlikely event that a part breaks down, our trained technicians can fix or replace it with original spares in a matter of hours.

However, customers purchase most of our computers as soon as we make them available, we suggest that you visit our site at and purchase your requirements before someone else does!

If you find any other online store offering lower prices for the same model, let us know, and we shall beat their prices.


People often confuse repaired/used with refurbished -In reality there lies a huge difference between the two.

In repaired models, a technician uses diagnostic tools to locate the faulty part and replace it with a good one. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, there is no dearth of one-man online stores run by individuals who rarely have knowledge about computers. Often purchasing old models, replacing faulty parts with cheap imported spares and cases, then they sell it to gullible customers as second hand and high-performance PCs.

Since there is no warranty or receipt given, there is nothing the customer can do after finding that they have been taken for a ride.

At we refurbish instead of repair. This involves

  • Disassembling the PC
  • Checking all its hardware for optimum performance using state of the art diagnostic tools and replacing faulty ones with original spares
  • Testing connectors and cables
  • USB, ethernet ports, line in and out ports
  • SMPS (switch mode power supply)
  • Formatting the hard disk drive
  • Fixing any major bump marks on the cabinet
  • Inspecting the base of the cabinet for stability
  • Assembling the PC
  • Installing OEM operating system
  • Subjecting the PC to a burn in test: (we typically run the computer continuously for two days to ensure that it functions properly... any problems with the PCs parts surface during this test)


We purchase the majority of the PC's we sell from large corporations and institutions. These PC’s might have some blemishes such as dents on the cabinet or worn-out characters on the keyboard, but their users have maintained them properly even before the full overhaul by the expert technical team of Giga Refurb.

Due to the nature of these institutions and corporations work, they demand ever-increasing processing power and need to update their computers regularly. We scan classified ads on online portals and newspapers for their ads and purchase their used computers from them at rock bottom prices.

Since most of these PCs are in perfect working condition, we only need to clean them, replace faulty parts when required and quality test. The quality is so good that you often wouldn’t be able to differentiate between a brand-new PC and a refurbished one.

Since we stock both low end and high-performance number crunching desktops, you can rest assured that you will find one that meets your specifications. Our refurbished laptops and refurbished computers might be cheap, but they offer unmatched reliability and performance.


Our qualified and factory trained technicians, armed with the latest diagnostic equipment; check each component of a PC and repair them prior to the assembly process.

Refurbished hard drives: We check the circuit boards and replace any damaged components. If the platter is damaged, they will replace the entire hard drive with a new one.

Memory chips: It is not possible to repair leaking memory chips. However, we can fix a damaged flash drive using refurbished memory cards, certified by the original equipment manufacturer.

We also stock a huge inventory of refurbished components such as:

  • Refurbished processor
  • Refurbished memory (refurbished RAM)
  • Computer processor
  • Computer memory
  • Computer harddrive
  • Refurbished DDR2 (2GB) and DDR3 (2GB) chips
  • Refurbished monitor

Optimum performance

All of testing and quality ensures that you will get optimal performance when you purchase a refurbished laptop or computer from us.

Why not visit our website and check the wide selection of standalone refurbished PCs or get a keyboard, mouse and monitor bundle upgrade? If you are not sure about which configuration best suits your needs, please get in touch with our eCommerce team via the phone. Tell them your requirements you desire as well as budget; They will show you several options that meet your requirements and answer any other questions you may have.

Additionally, you can also use the drop-down menu on our website to filter the product category you need, such as brand, specs and price. Some of our most popular refurbished laptops include brand names such as Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo and HP.

Select by grade

We sort our refurbished devices on a stringent grading system:

Grade 1 Refurbished. These are the best quality devices available, covered by a 12 months' RTB (return to base) warranty, and often are as good as new apart from some minor scratches on the case.

Grade 2 Refurbished. These are as good as `A' but with more signs of wear and tear on the case. However, there are no compromises on the components and functionality. This grade also includes a 12 months' RTB warranty.

Grade 3 Refurbished. Expect some additional signs of damage and usage. Comes with the same 12-month warranty as Grade 1 and 2.

The above grading system is applicable for all of our refurbished computers and refurbished laptops.


Thanks to the proliferation of the internet and cheap high speed WiFi networks, more and more people prefer to access the net on the go on their smartphones and laptops

Would it not be awesome if you could relax a bit more at home and completed your office task while travelling from and to the office? You can easily achieve this goal with the help of laptops. Unfortunately, new laptops are costly and beyond the budget of the average person looking for a laptop.

We’ve found that senior executives barely use theirlaptops before their company provides them with a newer one. We keep a track of such companies and purchase their obsolete laptops from them instead of letting them become e-waste. We stock these most popular executive businessperson brands such as Fujitsu, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Dell.


You can bet that the refurbished laptop we sell go through a stringent testing before we offer them for sale.

See several of our checks below:

  • Casing (whether it is substantially damaged)
  • Display unit (for cracks and response to controls like brightness, contrast, backlight quality, readability, and colour saturation)
  • Battery (whether it runs for the stated number of hours after a full charge)
  • CPU (we use special software to perform diagnostic tests that determine the processing power of the central processing unit. If is does not meet the requirements, we replace the CPU)
  • RAM (checking the memory for reliability and performance)
  • DVD drive (whether it reads and writes properly)
  • Keyboard (we utilize special software that checks whether all the keys are functioning properly or not. We also check the membrane attached to the keyboard for signs of wear and tear. Finally, we examine the response of the keyboard)
  • Speakers, power on and off switch, USB and ethernet ports
  • Mike, speaker, and video conferencing camera
  • The power supply adapter


Our story has just begun. Chances are that you might be planning to take your brick and mortar-based business online to tap the countrywide and global markets.

It would not be a wise idea to spend money going for a shared or dedicated host before your business expands. In such a scenario a vanilla desktop will not do. You need a powerful and reliable server.

Apart from this, you might also require a server for your small business when you want to grant access to specific files to specific individuals of your organization. The best way to achieve this is by installing a server and connecting all the computers of your office via it.

Here at Giga Refurb we can advise on the best solutions for your business and goals, give our eCommerce a team today to learn more.


However, buying such a powerful machine can dent your bank balance severely. Go green and be environmental by purchasing a pre-configured server.

Gigarefurb can provide you with the option to configure a server according to your specific requirements. Since the case and the parts are refurbished, you stand to save a huge sum when purchasing through us.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of reputed brands such as HP, Dell, IBM And Fujitsu. We are Microsoft authorised refurbisher and ISO Accredited. This ensures that you will only get top quality gadgets from us. How many otherproviders can also make this claim? Not as many as you’d think.


You need not worry if you like to use products manufactured by the Cupertino based giant. We also store a wide range of refurbished Apple devices:

  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • iMacs

We check each one of them thoroughly for glitches, fix them using genuine spares, and test them under stringent conditions for a minimum of 48 hours before we put them up for sale. We know that you will not find Apple products on any other store at prices that we offer.


Chances are that your computer is working fine but the TFT (thin film transistor... a variant of the liquid display monitor that makes use of active matrix addressing) monitor has broken down or has patches in certain parts of the display.

This can be a real issue if you use your computer for graphic designing. Trying to get a replacement can be a tedious and monotonous task. Thanks to the rapid advances in technology, more and more companies are nowadays only manufacturing LED (light emitting diode) display units.

Although their picture rendering quality is far better compared to LCD, the flipside is that they, being a relatively new technology and come with a much larger price tag.

That’s where we can help, by supplying you with a fully functional refurbished LCD display. If you need more, we also provide completely refurbished monitors at prices that will leave you smiling.


If you are on the lookout for computer accessories, compare our prices offered and if you find them cheaper somewhere else, let us know, and we shall beat that price.

We stock some of the best quality accessories manufactured by leading global brands.

  • Computer components: Are you planning to increase the RAM of your computer? Check our website for a wide variety of RAMs (both DDR2 and DDR3 at different clock speeds) manufactured by global giants. Each one of them are packed in tamper proof blister packs and come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Computer accessories: Sometimes the ethernet port included with the motherboard is not enough, especially when you want to access two different networks: one having a straight cable configuration and the other a twisted cable configuration. Instead of searching all over the net for it, visit our online store and select one that meets your budget.
  • Computer keyboard: It is a well known fact that the keyboard is the second most abused part of the computer: the primary one being the mouse. The silk screen printed characters on the key tops start fading after some time due to wear and tear, especially if the user has long nails. Some of the costlier brands use laser technology to etch the characters on the key tops. You will find a wide array of keyboards on our store including the cheap ones that have membranes (they do not provide a clicking sound when the keys are depressed), or the costlier ones that use tactile keys that provide a clicking feedback. Apart from these, we also offer wireless keyboards... useful if you plan to keep the keyboard a distance away from the computer or do not like wires running all over the place.
  • Computer mouse: The mouse is one of the most important and one of the most venerable attachments of the computer. Users click it thousands of times per day without giving a second thought. We stock a wide range of mice at different price ranges manufactured by reputable brands. You can opt for a low cost wired mouse or a costly wireless one.
  • Laptop case: Can you imagine the harm you can cause to your laptop if it accidentally drops to the ground? Apart from this, exposing the laptop to the elements can also cause severe damage to it. Our specially designed laptop case protects your precious laptop from the elements and dust as well. It has enough space to store adapters and portable hard disk drives too.
  • Laser printer: Our inventory consists of a wide range of laser printers, both big and small and ideal for use both at home, medium size offices and large corporations. Check out the wide range of black & white and colour printers. The smaller ones have a print speed of 12 pages per minute and can accept up to A4 size, whereas the huge ones, ideal for corporate houses, are equipped with a network port (apart from the ethernet port) and can print up to 100 pages per minute.


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Why Buy Refurbished

Save money - Why buy new when you can get the same model refurbished like new with up to 20% off, you could use your savings on our countless upgrade options.

Experienced Technicians - Our experienced technicians use there in depth knowledge to restore all refurbished computers to their former glory.

52 point testing system - We follow a rigorous 52 point testing system, leaving no part untested. This leaves you with a refurbished computer in perfect condition.

Warranty - All products come with a free 1 year warranty. During that time we are with you every step of the way. If anything goes wrong.

Where have they came from - When selecting products to refurbish we ensure all the originally in good condition. For this reason most of our products area like new before being refurbished.

Upgrades - With a wide range of upgrades available, we can cater for any and all needs.