Refurbished Accessories:

Computers by themselves are incredibly powerful devices. They are capable of processing large amounts of data at lightning speed which can produce incredible results. However, they can perform even better when complimented with the use of different input and output accessories. Our refurbished accessories can be connected to the ports at the back of a desktop or at the sides of a laptop or connected wirelessly.


Examples of accessories include keyboards, mice, speakers and printers. These are many others but these three are considered as essentials. It would be difficult to imagine using a computer without the first two! While it is true that touchscreen technology is making it possible to reduce dependence on these devices, there are a lot of tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently with the traditional keyboard and mouse combo, such as typing out long documents. A paperless society is also a long way off with schools and offices printing by volume every day. Get your accessories at low prices on Giga Refurb.

Computer keyboard

The humble keyboard allows us to type specific commands, fill up online forms, and write lengthy narratives and so much more on our computers. Not everything needs to be state-of-the-art to be useful. It just needs to solve real world problems and that is exactly what keyboards do. Many of us have gotten so proficient at it over the years that we no longer look at the keys as we type. Touch typing allows us to get a higher word per minute rate and thus finish our tasks much quicker. 


One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a keyboard is whether to get a wired or wireless model. Wired units are highly reliable because of the stable connection through the cable. Just plug in and play, there is nothing to set up, additionally every key press is instantly recognized. However, some people are unhappy with the long wire that protrudes from the device. For some it’s seen as a visual clutter that ruins their room's aesthetics. They prefer to get the wireless type which looks the same except for the absence of a cable. Connection is through Bluetooth or RF technology with a USB receiver included.


The form factor should also be considered. A regular keyboard with a plain rectangular shape and a full set of large keys are not the only options out there. There is a wide range of styles and shapes to choose from. You can get one that fits your needs exactly. For instance, if regular models make your hands and arms hurt, then maybe you should switch to a more ergonomic keyboard that was designed to fit how the body naturally sits. These have a noticeably wavy surface to adapt to the angle of our arms as we type. 


You also have the option of purchasing a waterproof and dustproof device. These are sealed such that foreign objects don't get inside. There are no holes or gaps for these to infiltrate. They are great solutions for people who love to drink coffee whilst working. Any accidental spills simply wipe it off with a clean cloth and proceed with your tasks. Some keyboards have such a high-water resistance that they can be washed under running water from a faucet. Use gentle soap and don't brush too hard to prevent the printed letters from coming off.


Lighting is another feature that can be handy for those who like to work at night or are forced to use the computer in a dim environment. These models have individually lit keys that help to guide the user on which one to press. The sides are lit up from underneath, as well as the letter or symbol that each key represents. This is a handy feature to have in a dark room and popular with gamers. You can appreciate the vibrancy of the screen in this kind of setup without sacrificing visual acuity in terms of the command keys. This feature can be turned on or off via software.


Computer Mice


The ubiquitous mouse was developed as a solution to the improved computer interface that came to the mass market in the 90s. Before this, all entries on a computer would be via command lines or by pressing certain key combinations. With the graphical user interface (GUI), the user can just move the cursor to the menu and click on the desired button. The design has not changed much over the last few decades as the original proved to be highly effective for the job at hand. Check our lines for the latest Refurbished Accessories and computer mice now.


As with keyboards, mice models come in wired and wireless variants. Clutter is not the only thing that is problematic with wired versions. The presence of a cable limits the distance that can be travelled by the mouse as well as its placement on the worktable. Wireless mice give the user freedom to move a great length with the only limit being the range of the receiver. On the other hand, they can exhibit a bit of delay which is not acceptable in high performance environments. A lot of gamers and graphics artists still prefer wired over wireless.


Sensitivity and fast response become more vital as the complexity of the computing task increases. Designers, for instance, require a mouse that can help them achieve the level of detail they need in their profession. Every movement must be precise and accurate or else it would be extremely frustrating to use. Gamers are also quite picky about their mice with dedicated manufacturers for the niche coming out with high performance devices. The average user may not appreciate the difference but those who require extreme precision and nearly zero lag will be very happy to have these. For all types of users, we have a range of refurbished mice in-stock that will suit everyone.


Note that there are other input devices that act almost the same way as a mouse but in a different form factor. They seize control of the cursor and can select buttons on the interface but they often do something more. Take the pen devices as an example. They can either be used to tap directly on the screen or on an accompanying platform that acts as a canvas. The best thing about them is that they are perfect for drawing. Artists use these for their digital creations with incredible results.


Laptop Case


Laptop cases have one primary objective: to protect a computer from harm. There are special enclosures designed to accommodate various size computers. They are made from durable materials on the outside to shield against bumps, drops and spills. The inside, however, tends to be soft to cradle the device and make sure that it never gets so much as a scratch. It's a tough job which is why shoppers should pick their case well. A lot of manufacturers bundle one along with chose models to entice people to buy them. Higher quality options from well-known brands tend to be better at this than generic ones. See our range of laptop cases within our Refurbished Accessories category page.


Their design greatly varies. Most cases are thin with a short handle on top and long shoulder strap. For some, this can put a strain on the shoulders as all the weight is on one side. Yet it looks professional and is convenient, so business professionals prefer this setup. Other cases fit as backpacks or are convertible to backpacks. This design allows both shoulders to support and distribute the weight evenly. There are a huge range of different colours to match your personality and personal preferences. 


Aside from the laptop, the cases need to be able to carry the power cable, data cables, CDs and other accessories that the user might need. There must be ample storage space to be able to accommodate all these extras. The additional space should ideally be divided into compartments so that each item can be securely housed away from the rest. We have a variety of different laptop cases within our refurbished accessories category. Getting the right one really depends on how much you plan on carrying with you and if you will be taking a separate bag for additional bits.


Inkjet Printer


Printers remain valuable pieces of equipment in a lot of settings. A lot of schools now send homework through email or through an online platform but there are still occasions when assignments will need to be submitted in paper form. In business, important documents must be printed before they are signed and archived. It's also easier to distribute information and discuss things if everyone had a physical copy of the facts. Sometimes individuals like to print personal items like to-do lists, shopping lists, project plans, and so on. Printers can also be used to produce physical mementos out of digital captures.   


When purchasing a printer, consumers need to decide whether they want an inkjet or a laser model. Inkjet printers require ink cartridges of different colours to produce the necessary output. Most models need two: a black cartridge and a colour cartridge. Some have the different colours cyan, magenta, and yellow too. They can print hundreds of pages before running out depending on the fonts used and the quality settings. Original cartridges from the manufacturers are always best because they have been designed and tested to produce the best results. Those who are looking for cheaper options may want to try 3rd party products.


Inkjet printers represented a big step up in terms of technology from their predecessors which were dot matrix printers. Those were noisy machines that produced blocky text and grainy graphics. Only one colour was possible in a single print. Inkjets, on the other hand, are a little quieter although they still emit noticeable sound. The best thing about them was the improved quality of the output. At the highest quality settings, the letters are smooth and pleasant to read. Although not as smooth as laser printers, the gap between them has narrowed considerably. They also tend to be cheaper for both the unit and the cartridge by a significant margin.


The latest models have even been enhanced to create decent photos so anyone can print souvenirs of old trips in their own home. It's different having a physical copy of the image. It becomes tangible and real. Photos can be placed in albums or inserted in frames. They can be put beside the office computer for inspiration while working. Creative types may even use their graphics skills to make personalized greeting cards and similar items for distribution to their friends. These can be excellent gifts for birthdays or giveaways during the Christmas season. Calendars, posters, and many other things can be printed as well, the limit is your imagination.


While printers are highly useful on their own, offices require a lot more equipment to get daily tasks done. Among them are fax machines, scanners and copiers. All of these take up a lot of space despite having a lot of the same components. Fortunately, there are plenty of all-in-one printers that carry these additional functionalities in a single package. They make it possible to save space without compromising office capabilities. It’s worth checking the features available as not all office printers have the same specs or functionality. Some are better at scanning than others with better resolutions available and so forth. Go to for more information on refurbished accessories and printers. 


Laser Printer


Laser printers are considered as having more advanced technology than inkjet printers for several reasons: One is that the quality of their output is excellent. Compare the documents generated by an inkjet and a laser to see the difference for yourself. The way that the text is formed is simply smoother and more refined. Lasers are also much faster with more pages per minute possible than what inkjets can produce. Therefore, most offices prefer to purchase this type over the Inkjet. When there are large volumes of documents to be printed, copied, or scanned, then you need a machine that can handle things quickly and efficiently. 


On the other hand, laser printers are generally more expensive. Most home users are content to purchase cheaper models to get the job done. After all, inkjets can be bought for less than £100 which is perfect for your family of four or your struggling student. Small businesses that don't need to print so much can get by with one as well without suffering from performance issues. Ink cartridges are also much cheaper than the toner cartridges required by lasers.


Consumers should note that printers today have progressed a great deal from the models available some years ago. For instance, many of them can be operated as standalone machines now. This means that they don't need to be connected to a computer to work. They can instead be fed with an SD card containing the files and the built-in screen can be tapped to set everything in motion. Some also have wireless capability which allows owners to set them wherever it is convenient instead of cramming everything near the PC. Look at all the products available within our Refurbished Accessories category of to learn more about your options.


Need more help? Please contact our eCommerce team over the phone, they will be happy to help answer any questions you have about any of our accessories.

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