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Refurbished Desktop Computers: Powerful and High Quality

Our refurbished desktop computers are high quality, powerful and perfect for use in the office or home. We offer a wide range of refurbished computers, all of which have been securely cleaned and tested to make sure they are in great condition. So get more for your money and choose one of our refurbished computers today.

New to Refurbished Desktops?

Many people are confused by what exactly a refurbished computer is. Most people simply decide to buy a new computer without looking at the alternatives. They are worried that if they buy a used computer there may be something wrong with it. However, with refurbished computers, UK customers can enjoy all the benefits of a lower priced model without having to worry whether the computer is in good working condition.

That's because we have personally tested all of our refurbished computers to make sure that they are working fine before we list them on our website. We wipe them clean of all their data so that you are starting afresh with what feels like a new computer, and we only ever sell computers in full working condition that have been given the all clear by us so there is no risk involved.

Our Refurb Process

We start by collecting the computers from offices around the UK, and we then recycle those that are not fit to be refurbished. When a computer is in good working condition, we wipe it securely and test it to make sure it is in a good enough condition to be used.

Our secure data wipe gets rid of absolutely everything that was on the computer previously, so it really does feel like you are starting with a new computer.

Once we have tested each computer, we grade them according to their condition. Some refurbished computers may have minor scratches or marks, and we take this into account when grading them.

Browse Our Huge Range

We have an extensive range or recycled desktop computers to choose from. With our recycled computers, UK customers are able to choose from many different models, and you can browse the range and search by bestsellers, by manufacturer or by grading until you find something you like the look of. We don't only sell desktops: we also sell recycled laptops and all the peripherals and accessories you need to go with your computer.

Find Your Refurbished Desktop Today

Look through our range until you find a model that interests you, whether you are looking for refurbished desktop computers or cheap refurbished laptops, and then simply buy it securely online. If at any time you have any questions, just ask and we will be happy to help.

Refurbished Desktop Pcs

The computer has long evolved from being a luxury product to a necessity these days. Whether it is students, professionals, business men or the average person, everyone is using the machine to create documents and files, play games, connect with other people via the internet, listen to music and watch movies among many other things. All these features have made computers and the internet an indispensable part of our lives.


However, just because a computer is an essential product in today's life does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on it. Refurbished desktop computers have come up as a viable option for people who do not want to spend a lot of money buying a system. While on the lookout for a desktop pc, this is one option many that many shoppers often overlook. Most people connote refurbished computers with poor quality and expect them to have plenty of scratches and other issues. In reality, however, the computers undergo several tests and are kept in brand new casing before being resold. You can expect refurbished computers to look and function like a brand new one. offers a one stop platform for refurbished laptops from some of the top brands in the world.


With refurbished laptops and computers, computing mobility and freedom need no longer carry a hefty price tag. Buying a brand new laptop for your personal or professional use may make you think several times as it costs a lot. However, with refurbished machines you can save almost 30-40% of the original retail price of the product. The refurbished computers, which originally might have had some defect, are tuned up, repackaged and renovated to be sold at a much lower price.


What many people do not know is that most of the refurbished computers are simply computer returns. A lot of the time there is nothing wrong with the machine. Maybe the customer did not like the computer for some reason and decided to exchange it for a different one. In such cases, the manufacturer cannot sell it any longer as new and has to sell it as refurbished. The best part is that most computer companies offer the same warranty on their refurbished computers as they do on their new ones. All in all, refurbished computers make for a great buy for those looking for high quality, excellent performing systems at affordable prices.


Reasons to Buy Refurbished Desktop Computers


The general opinion about refurbished computers is that they are out of date, but this is far from the truth. In fact, such computers are very much up to date and boast the best technology. They are just the opposite of how they are portrayed, due to people's misconception that they are second hand.  These days there are quite a few options to buy refurbished computers. Here are some reasons to buy such systems.


• It is cheap - The most important reason for buying a refurbished desktop computer is because it is cheap. Computers are regarded to be one of the most expensive products today. A cheap option that most shoppers tend to disregard is buying refurbished computers. The fact is that not everyone is looking to spend a lot of money over a new computer set nor does everyone have the resources to do so. The best option in this case is to buy a cheap system. By purchasing cheap machines, you can save money to spend on other things.



• It is good quality - Although many people are not fine with the idea of buying cheap gadgets as it means low quality, the truth is there are actually cheap computers that are as good as new ones.  The laptops from the highest quality brands are tested for quality carefully before they reach the market. Each product carries a warranty card as well.



Many of you might not know it but several computer manufacturers including HP, Apple and Dell have a stringent refurbishment process. The physical defects in the computers are set right and are sent back in a brand new casing.



• It makes for a great second computer - A refurbished computer is an excellent choice if you already have an expensive computer, but feel the need to have another one for everyday usage. In case, you do not want to spend so much on the second computer, buying a cheap one is a good solution.


• It is simple - Most expensive computers enable you to do many things. If you simply want to use your machine for basic activities such as sending mails, and surfing the internet and doing office work, refurbished computers is the best bet.



Instead of spending all your money on a new computer, you can use a refurbished computer which boasts the same functionality of a new one and then use the extra money to buy other things such as peripherals, accessories and software. Most of the applications do not require you to have knowledge of the latest technology. You can save money by buying a model based on your usage. If you are planning to go for a refurbished computer, you may want to check for some of the best deals in the market.


• It's good for first time users - If you are a newbie, someone who is not fully acquainted with the workings of a computer, buying a refurbished one can be a good way to start. You can upgrade it at a later stage whenever you are comfortable.




• It performs well - Apart from its affordable value, the refurbished computers also offer excellent performance. Most of these computers work just as good as the new one. Almost all of them are equipped with the most up-to-date features. They also come with varied specifications; you can thus choose whether to go for a high-specification refurbished computer or a low-specifications one, as per your requirements.



If you are looking for a second computer, which you plan to use for just few applications, you can do well with a low spec computer. These are offered at a much lower price. However, they work just as efficiently as a low-spec branded new computer.



• It is less likely to be damaged - The refurbished units are less likely to have any defects or damage. The damaged part has been replaced and all other parts have been tested again before being sold.



• Availability of the latest stock - Sometimes popular models are found to be out of stock. In such cases, there are chances of finding the required model in the collection of refurbished computers. If you are lucky enough, you can buy your favourite model at the most affordable rate.



• Warranted units - Finding a warranted machine at an affordable rate is almost impossible. This has, however, been made possible with refurbished computers. The re-manufactured computers come with a warranty from the manufacturers. Therefore, if you find any problem while using the computer, you can easily get it fixed during the warranty period. Whether it is for personal or business purposes, these computers are the best to use without causing you to make a dent in your pocket.


With so many benefits, more and more people are increasingly preferring to buy refurbished desktops and laptops.


Refurbished Vs Used: What is the Difference


Keep in mind there is a difference between refurbished and used computers. The latter means a product has been used for quite some time by the owner of the product. A refurbished unit, on the other hand, is that which was returned to the manufacturer for some reason. They cannot sell the product any longer as new, so they set right the issue and sell it as refurbished. There are many reasons for a product to be sold as refurbished. Here are some of them.


• Ex lease equipment

• Demo model units

• Returned (unopened) units

• Products with opened packages



At Giga refurb, the refurbished desktop computers provide glitch free performance and there is also a manufacturer's warranty with every product.


Refurbished Computers: Busting Myths


Buying a refurbished computer is better than buying a new one because it is actually a new product. It can also turn out to be more efficient and reliable as these computers undergo extra tests. Here are some of the most popular myths about refurbished computers and the truth behind the same


Myth: Refurbished models have lesser computing power than new units


Truth: While it is true that new products come with latest configurations, one needs to understand the difference between having the latest configuration and utilizing the same in everyday activities. Not many people utilize all the features of a device. Most people use a computer to check mails, develop documents and for browsing. You do not require a high configuration system to do these tasks. Instead, you should choose a computer that offers what you require.


Myth: Refurbished computers do not have up to the mark performance capacity


Truth: Manufacturers ensure that all computer issues are fixed and the product is thoroughly tested before they are brought into the market. Almost all the leading brands ensure that the refurbished units offer the same performance as the new ones. This means that refurbishers do not compromise on the reliability and quality of the products and provide guarantee of performance.


Myth: Refurbished computers are poor quality


Truth: In keeping with the expectations of consumers, manufacturers have dramatically improved their quality standards for refurbished products. They now follow a stringent process of identifying problem areas and replacing key parts. A battery of tests is conducted to ensure that the computer is worth of the warranty that is put on the product. Also, manufacturers care about their reputation and want their customers to continue to buy from them. This pushes them to make sure that the refurbished computers they are offering for sale are of the highest quality.


Myth: Refurbished devices are used products


Truth: A minuscule percentage of the products may fall in this category, rest all are either absolutely new or sparingly used devices. Most of the used products come to the manufacturers in proper working condition and just require some minor tune-ups. Those unused are often customer return products that are sent back for several reasons including dents, scratches, cosmetic issues or simply because the customer did not like the product.


Myth: Refurbished computers may have more repair issues


Truth: As stated above, refurbished devices undergo rigorous testing by professionals. They are as good as new when they are packaged and sold. Today several schools, corporate, businesses and NGOs are using these products and seldom face any issues. It is important, however, to be careful from where you are buying the products. It is best to choose from established places such as Giga refurb to get the best quality product.


Myth: Refurbished computers do not last as long as new products


Truth: Thanks to the battery of tests during the refurbishment process, the device can be expected to perform very well for few years. You need not fear that it will break down within a few months of purchase.


Myth: Refurbished products are defective


Truth: Nothing can be far from the truth. Anyone who has worked in retail will tell you that systems are returned for several reasons completely unrelated to defects. Retailers have a 30 day return policy for computers and returns often happen for as simple a reason as the customer not liking it or having found a better deal. While it is not that products are never returned due to defects, the fact is that if this is the case, manufacturers put them through rigorous checks to set right the issue before again sending them to the market.


Myth; Refurbished products have no guarantee


Truth: On the contrary, authorized dealers and manufacturers generally guarantee their refurbished products.


If you do your homework well and shop carefully, you can save quite a lot of money on your next computer purchase with almost no risk.


Tips for Buying Refurbished Computers


As you look around for the next refurbished unit to buy, refer to these helpful buying tips to ensure the best deal for your money.


Know your needs - It is imperative that you are clear about your computer requirements at present as well as in the future. If you use your computer just to browse the internet, read your email, or to use the word processor, you can go with a computer that offers the basic functions. You would, however, require an increased processing speed and more memory if you are looking to download music, pictures and play video games. Once you know what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to buy your product.


Understand what you are getting - The best refurbished gadgets are those that have a fast processor and the latest version of an operating system. Apart from these features, people must also ensure that the computers have fast speed, efficient DVD, high system memory and any other features that they want.


Check basic warranty - It is a good idea to always opt for something that gives a warranty. Most refurbished products come with a warranty. A typical warranty may from 6 months to a year and will cover hardware.


Examine the return policy - Just like warranty, most reputed places including Giga refurb have some sort of return policy in place to ensure customers feel comfortable to buy the products with total peace of mind. Check for the return policy of the product you are purchasing.


Buy from an authorized dealer - The most crucial aspect of buying refurbished electronics is to buy from a reputable dealer only. If you are not buying from a manufacturer, you must ensure that the dealer from which you are purchasing the model is trustworthy and will have warranty and return policy in place.


Know about the peripherals included - Refurbished computers generally do not come with a monitor. Therefore be sure to include that in your budget. If you require some components in your system, make sure to check if those are included.


One of the best ways to buy a refurbished desktop computer is through where you can compare the various models, specifications and terms all in one convenient location. A reputable dealer, Giga refurb has an extensive selection of refurbished desktops and laptops from the best manufacturers. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find the right system here to match your requirements.

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