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Refurbished Laptops: Cheaper On-the-Go Computing

Looking for a powerful laptop that feels like new, without paying new prices? Then we can help. At Giga Refurb, we provide a wide range of refurbished laptops from many of the top manufactures, all graded depending on their condition to help you find exactly what you are looking for. So start your search here and find the refurbished laptop you need today.

Why Choose Refurbished Laptops Instead of New?

Quite simply, when you are looking for a laptop, refurbished options are cheaper. You can easily find a more powerful refurbished laptop than you would get for the same price if you bought a new one. Not everyone needs to buy the latest laptop, and refurbished models are perfectly capable of the tasks most people need them for.

There is also another reason: refurbished laptops are more environmentally friendly. Reusing products is always the best form of recycling because you are not using up any more energy in the manufacture of a new produced. So increase the lifetime of the laptop by purchasing it refurbished.

How Do You Know What You're Getting?

When you buy cheap refurbished laptops from us, we check each and every model very carefully to make sure they are in good working condition. Not only that, but we also securely wipe all of the data so it will be completely clean when you first turn it on. Then we put it through its paces by carrying out rigorous testing to make sure it is up to the job, and only when we are perfectly happy with it do we grade it and list it here on our website.

See Our Collection for Yourself

Our collection is constantly being updated, so see all of our refurbished laptops for sale right here. We are continually collecting laptops from businesses across the country, so we are constantly adding new models here. To find refurbished laptops, UK customers can choose to browse the models by grade or by manufacturer, or why not take a look at some of our bestsellers?

If you cannot find what you are looking for, come back soon and see what's new. You can also find a wide range of refurbished desktop computers and accessories to go with your laptop, so take a look at these too.

Buy a Refurbished Laptop Today

Save some money when you buy your next laptop by choosing a refurbished model. Our refurbished laptops are a great way to save money and get a powerful computer for less, so take a look through our collection today. We want to help you find what you need, so always ask us any questions and we'll be more than happy to help.

Refurbished Laptops Specialist

Laptops have steadily outpaced desktops in terms of sales over the past decade. The reasons are many and varied. They have a smaller form factor so they take up less space. It is easy to find room for them inside any house. Tiny apartments and bedrooms can accommodate one without worries. They also weigh much less, allowing people to carry them with ease when they travel. Take them anywhere they're needed whether it's in the office, the classroom, the airport, the train, the cafe, and so on. Prices have also come down with entry-level models and refurbished laptops for sale which are quite affordable for the masses.  


Why Buy Refurbished Laptops for Sale?


Consumers have the option of buying new or refurbished units. The new ones are more popular because they come with all of the latest technologies and have long warranties from manufacturers. However, refurbished laptops have their own advantages as well that make them attractive to buyers. They are, for instance, generally cheaper than those that are brand new. Those with limited budgets may want to look into available models to expand their range of options. Having a cheaper price doesn't mean that they are of low quality. In fact, most can perform almost as well as those that came fresh out of a factory.


What does being refurbished mean?


The pace of technological innovations is incredibly fast. It almost seems that once we shell out our hard-earned money for the latest and greatest gadget, we learn about a new and improved one that is coming soon. It is a never-ending cycle that keeps us looking forward to what the industry can produce. This has the effect of making people upgrade quite frequently with units only being used for short periods of time. These are perfectly fine with no defects despite being used previously by another person. It would be a waste to send them to the landfills when they can still be of value.


These are what refurbished laptops are. They are slightly used units that have been tested rigorously in the lab to make sure that they have no defects whatsoever. The data has been wiped cleaned and the software is a fresh installation that runs as smoothly as if it was new. Most people are wary about buying something used because they fear that hidden problems will arise after purchase. This is not the case for refurbished computers. The hardware works without a hitch out of the box and the software will be pristine so there is no reason to worry.


Giga Refurb gets the computers from trusted sources all around the country. These are offices in the UK which have decided to upgrade the units used in their operations. They weren't replaced because something was wrong with them. The business simply wanted to boost speed and performance so they opted to go for new models. The old ones are then sent to us for refurbishment. They are all tested individually to ensure that there are no defects in any of them. They are checked for full functionality so that buyers will be greatly satisfied with the products when they arrive. 


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Laptop


If you have decided to get a laptop, then there are a few things that you have to clarify in order to get the best product for you. Remember that there is no such thing as the ultimate computer for all because each person has different needs, capabilities and preferences. What may be good for one individual may not necessarily work for another. Therefore, pertinent subjects should be clarified in order to zero in on the ideal model for your particular set of circumstances. Here is a list of questions that you might want to ponder on while you shop online:


1. How much is your budget?


There is no escaping the reality that you have to be able to afford that which you wish to acquire. We might as well tackle this subject head-on to get a good picture of the range that you should be looking at. By knowing how much your budget for this piece of machine is, you will be able to narrow things down immediately so you will not waste time thinking about some impressive yet ultimately unattainable item. It will be possible to focus on the practical choices from the start and devote more time to making detailed comparisons. 


Check the current state of your finances to see the kind of amount that you can devote for this purchase. Be realistic about your allocation and try to avoid having to borrow money for it. Perhaps you have a lot of savings that are not yet earmarked for any other project. In this case, you are free to splurge to your heart's content. However, most people will have an upper limit dictated by personal circumstances. After all, we have to think about the house rent, the utility bills, the tuition fee for the kids, and various other expenses. We could be left with thousands to spare or just a few hundred pounds.


There great thing about tech products is that they improve over the years while dropping in price. You always get more value for your money as the years roll on. In the past, it would be difficult to find a decent laptop for less than £1,000. Now anything higher than this is considered to be the territory of the most advanced models. Half this figure will secure you a unit with respectable specifications that you can use for daily tasks. A quarter will suffice for a refurbished laptop that can be used to browse the Internet, write documents, create spreadsheets, and make presentations. 


2. How to do you plan to use it?


Now that you have definite numbers to guide you during your search, it is time to think about the ways in which you plan to use your computer. Their foundations and components may be the same but their performance can differ quite a bit from each other. The form factor may also be relevant since bigger items will be suited for some things but not for others. Trade-offs will be inevitable so be prepared to list down your priorities. You may need to refer to this throughout the process whenever multiple options arise that all seem equally good.  


For example, students might want to get a machine with a smaller form factor than average. This will allow them to stuff the item inside their gear inside their bag along with their books and other school needs. Since it is small, it will be light enough to take with them anywhere around the campus from the classrooms to the library. They can whip it out to type their lessons if allowed in class without being too much of a distraction to others. For this kind of usage, it is advisable to limit the screen size to 12 inches or less.


Graphic artists and video editors, on the other hand, deal with the visual medium. They need a large canvas on which to view their creations. They tend to prefer laptops that are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to screen size. Many choose 15-inch screens up to 17-inch screens. These provide them with all the real estate they need to work on their projects. They will be able to see even the smallest detail and don't have to depend on an external monitor while working. For those who work a lot in the field, this can be a big consideration.


3. Do you have compatibility concerns?


There might also be compatibility concerns for certain buyers who are aiming to use the computer for a specific purpose. For instance, gamers require a unit that can handle the titles they like to play. Casual games can be run in almost any modern PC. More advanced titles, however, also need advanced specifications in order for the games to be playable. Some computers can get them started but the frame rate is atrocious with stuttering making it almost impossible to get any enjoyment out of it. Check the minimum requirements by the game developers to find out the type of specs you should be looking for.


Another thing to consider is the operating system of the machine. The two most popular ones are Windows and OS X. Windows is more prevalent because it is being licensed to many computer manufacturers. The bulk of the laptops shipped every year contain them. The majority of the software in existence is also developed solely for this platform. However, fans of Apple will argue that some of the best and more popular software come in versions that are compatible with the OS X. They prefer this platform because they find it to be more intuitive, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.


Compatibility is also an issue when it comes to peripherals. Perhaps you have a lot of computer accessories lying around at home. Let's take monitors, for example. Some people prefer the old CRT monitor for a variety of reasons including colour reproduction which is often better than what most LCD screens can offer. The problem is that these usually have a data connector that is incompatible with what most modern laptops carry. The port is simple too big so they cannot fit. This is one of the reasons why a person might want to get a refurbished laptop that still contains the required ports.


4. Do you have performance targets?


Most people are happy just to have a computer that they can use for their daily tasks. Many purchase one solely for browsing the Internet. This is indispensable nowadays with a lot of the information we need being provided by this medium. We read our news through websites and not their old paper-based prints. We keep in touch with family and friends through social media. We may even play basic games online and off-line. All of these don't need incredible specifications in order to go smoothly. Virtually any model will do because performance will not be affected much whether you pick one or the other.


It is when you begin to do demanding tasks that you are forced to look closely at the spec sheets of each model. For example, a person who likes to watch movies will have to ensure that the unit can handle high quality resolution without stopping or having any problems. This can be 1080p HD for most as this is the quality at which Blu-Ray discs carry their videos. It is a perfect fit for the majority of the television screens and computers we have today. However, more discerning viewers might want to play 4K content. There aren't many yet but they will come and it doesn't hurt to future-proof your equipment.


Independent filmmakers will be concerned about the performance of their system because this will determine their productivity. Video editing is a very time-consuming job with so many clips that have to be cut and placed in the correct spot. Countless effects have to be perfect to be believable to the audience. Rendering also takes a great deal of time with hours sometimes needed for the final cut to be ready. There are other processes like video conversion and the like which require patience as well. Everything can be done faster with a machine that has a powerful processor, large memory, and decent video card.


5. Are you particular with design?


Aesthetic appeal can play a huge role when purchasing any sort of product. Laptops are no exception as the buyers all want to get a premium-looking model for the amount that they are shelling out. Whether it is hundreds or thousands of pounds, it will still be a significant amount of money. We want to be impressed not only by the function but also by the form. Some like clean lines that evoke an ultra-modern style such as those offered by Apple. This is one of the reasons why the brand has many loyal fans. Others prefer a more aggressive design like those popular in gaming rigs.


Material has always been a factor for many which is why manufacturers try to infuse their products with premium cases when jacking up the price. It has to look expensive to play the part if there is going to be a large price tag. Metal and carbon fibre are some of the top options when providing machines with a premium feel. Colour is another important thing with today's consumers. It used to be more predictable with nearly all models coming with gray, black or white coats. Now there is a wider array of hues present on the shelves which attract those who are tired of the norm. 


Form factor is another thing that has to be thought about carefully. The old clamshell design is definitely still the most popular one out there because of its simplicity and practicality. However, the advent of tablets shook things up with people becoming fond on the slate's portability. Manufacturers have created many hybrids since then with dual functionality: slates with docking stations that make them better suited for productivity tasks rather than simply media consumption. These run on full Windows OS so they are powerful machines that can do just about everything. There are many types of implementations for the keyboard or docking port.


6. What grade are you comfortable with?


The refurbished laptops for sale in have all been rated to provide buyers with guidance on the condition of the machine. These should help immensely when considering which item to buy. It should also lessen qualms about the purchases because there are guarantees at every level. For instance, Grade A is the highest and is what most laptops on the site are rated at. This means that they are in mint condition, almost as if brand new. It is possible that some have marks like light scratches but nothing so serious that it would be too noticeable -- just what you'd expect from a used machine. Each also comes with a 12-month warranty.


Next is Grade B which is one step down in terms of current condition but not by much. Every component has been checked and found to be in top shape. The quality is excellent with the performance being just as good as Grade A rated items. The only difference here is that the cosmetic defects are more pronounced. Grade C, on the other hand, indicates the same quality as A and B products but the signs of use are quite obvious. They are all covered by a 12-month RTB warranty. If issues come up, they can be sent back for repair or replacement.


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